What We Offer

Be sure whether you are a local stud Breeder, Agri-exporter, Agent, Importer, Trader, Government agency, Aid agency, Breeding center or Farmer – we do everything within our means to add value to your assets and relationships.

Global Livestock Ltd offers “Full Service” livestock export.

Our Breeds

Global Livestock Ltd aims to provide a wide range of livestock breeds. Making sure that our customers get exactly the right breed to suit their needs.

dairy stock for export

Dairy Stock

We have been importing dairy stock now for over twenty years from all over Europe and have built up a large network of trusted suppliers,and also a lot of satis ed costumers.

sheep and lamb for export


You can come and select at your leisure and we will look after all the veterinary details, lairage and transport until the stock arrive safely at your premises.

cattle for export


Whether it’s extreme muscle or normal cattle we have exactly what you are looking for raised in a natural environment.


Charolais cattle for export

Charolais Cattle

Originated in France, where it was used for meat, milk, and drafting. The breed is generally large-muscled and are commonly raised for their meat.

Limousin cattle for export

Limousin Cattle

Limousin cattle play a big role in achieving increased profitability in all livestock sectors. They are versatile and can be finished at different ages without compromising price.

Hereford cattle for export

Hereford Cattle

Herefords are known for their longevity, and for being docile, easy calvers, good milkers, and good mothers.

Aberdeen Angus for export

Aberdeen Angus

One of the most popular breeds in the world, and thanks to some excellent marketing, their meat is in demand. They are moderately sized have a good milk supply and excellent marbling.


Charolais sheep for export


The purpose of the breed is to breed rams for crossing with commercial ewes to produce quality meat lambs for slaughter. Easy lambing is another important trait associated with the breed.

Suffolk sheep for export

Suffolk Sheep

They are a large breed of sheep primarily bred for meat. They have black faces and legs, a large frame, and are highly muscular.

Vendeen sheep for export

Vendeen Sheep

Primarily a meat breed known for its muscularity and ability to produce large litters of lambs. They have fine, medium-length wool. Ewes/rams are polled, with faces and legs dark brown or gray hair.

Texel sheep for export

Texel Sheep

A popular, heavy muscled, lean meat sheep. The wool is around 32 micrometres and is mostly used for hosiery yarns and knitting wools.


Saanen goats for export

Saanen Goat

White or cream-coloured breed, among the most popular dairy goat breeds, due to their high productivity and ease of management.

toggenburg goats for export

Toggenburg Goat

A friendly, quiet and gentle breed. Arguably the hardiest of all goat breeds; crosses with meat goats can add better growth rates to o spring, offering a milking line to the offspring of meat goats.

Feral Goat

Often used for conservation grazing, to control the spread of undesirable scrub or weeds in open natural habitats such as chalk grassland and heathland.