Project Consultancy/Management

farming equipment
animal feed
farm buildings and construction

At Global Livestock Ltd. we like to share our wide range of skills and knowledge to help grow exciting new projects:

We can provide full management for dairy farms, assist in building new facilities (e.g feed lots slaughterhouse, milk factory etc.), offer advice on logistical issues, educate employees and help with training facilities.

We are always there to help.

Food Handling/Processing

meat preparation

To aid your growth in to food handling and processing, Global Livestock Ltd. can share its knowledge about this aspect of the industry. We are here to assist with slaughterhouse equipment, setup queries, and share our training & management expertise.

chilled meats

Chilled Meats

Beef & Lamb - Large quantities available, per reefer or truck.

Available Options
Whole carcasses, 4-way cut, 6-way cut, Deboned and Primary cuts.

halal friendly

Halal Produce

As a global, multi-cultural company, Global Livestock is sensitive to the special concerns of your Muslim customers, particularly with respect to dietary laws. We have extensive experience providing Halal friendly produce to customers around the world.

If you have any special guidelines which need to be met, or any questions regarding our process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.